New Original Project Underway!

I am excited to announce a new original project that I’ve been working on for the last half a year. We started writing and recording songs in January and have already started to play several shows across Ontario. The music is Soft Rock and Blues, and we play both original or covers sets. We are currently some more shows in the fall. Until then follow … Continue reading New Original Project Underway!

80s at Chainsaw

As anyone who’s talked to me lately knows (probably all too well) I love 80s music. So much so I’ve been working over the past year along with some excellent friends and musicians to put together the group “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” and I’m exited to announce we’ll be bringing the 80s back at Chainsaw in Waterloo. We couldn’t ask for a better venue … Continue reading 80s at Chainsaw

New project and videos!

Recently my 80s cover band Boys Just Wanna Have Fun released their debut video demo available here. It was a blast filming with Jeremy Nguyen (@cinethecita) and Ian Graham at Small Dog Studio In addition I’ve been working with Symphonic Metal singer Cecile Monique (@cecile_monique) on some covers of some Rammstien songs as well as music videos for them, filmed by Crestina Photography (@crestinaphoto). Cecile … Continue reading New project and videos!

New album and more!

I’m excited to announce that I will be working with one of my favourite artists, Cecile Monique on her upcoming album! We’ve been working together for years playing live shows but now I’ll be recording bass on her upcoming album, launching in 2018. In addition I just got back from the studio this weekend preparing some cool teasers and surprises 😉 #DämonenGeisterSchwarzeFeen Follow my instagram … Continue reading New album and more!

Canada 150 Concerts

These past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with K-W’s Grand River Voices. They exceptional community choir of over 50 singers. The concerts are a tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary, and feature all Canadian works from coast to coast. Highlights include costumes for Tom Connor’s Hockey Song and guest musicians Duane Rutter and Sonny Sinclair. With a few concerts down and more to … Continue reading Canada 150 Concerts