Composing and Arranging

As musicians we’ve all been there, you get that strange request that prevents you from taking a gig. Your string quartet gets asked to play a song that came out last week for a wedding, you want to write horn parts for your band but you play music by ear. Perhaps you just need a bunch of charts and have no time to prepare them between busy work and rehearsal schedules.

As an accomplished arranger and composer I’ve got your back. I’ve worked with ensembles as small as string duos to as large as full wind bands.

Some of my compositional works include ‘Concerto for Metal Band and Wind Orchestra: in E phyrgian’ which combines classical and metal styles and ‘String Quartet #2’ which is a 3 movement string quartet that containts quotes from hip-hop, post-rock, and gospel music.

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“Dan’s musical voice is full of imagination, depth of character, and artistic expression.”
– Dr. Jessica V. Kun, conductor