Session Work and Bassist

You’re bands about to hit the studio and one of your members bails, you need a last minute sub for a big gig, or you just want to have an unorthodox instrument for you’re recording such as horns or upright bass. You’ve come to the right place!

As a bassist I’ve worked with several artists across southern Ontario and beyond ranging in styles from Metal to Folk and Classical. I can add either electric bass, or double bass to your track in studio or remotely as well as do live sessions. In addition I can produce horn and string arrangements either in studio or remotely.

Feel free to contact me and I’d love to hear more about collaborations you have in mind!


Sympathy by Sammy Duke
Credits: Double Bass

Genisis by Cecile Monique
Credits: Elecric Bass

Backing Tracks for Wonderwall Cover
Credits: String Arrangement, Double Bass, Producer